Zhanzhong SHI
Professor, PhD Supervisor SJTU E-mail:

Research Field: Industrial Economics, Strategic Management, Investment and Capital Operation

Zhanzhong SHI is a professor of strategic management and economics. He holds a BA in Economics from Zhejiang University, an MA and Ph.D. in Economics from Fudan University. He had been an experienced and credentialed consultant of both strategic management and investment management for many years. Currently he teaches Economics and Strategic management in Aetna Management School, during that period of time, he was invited to work as a consultant at the Research Development Center of the State Council and the Macro-Economy Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission.

His formal academic work focuses on Industrial Economics, Technological Economics, Strategic Management, Investment and Capital Operation. He writes for the general public in more than 40 Chinese and international newspapers and magazines. He has published two academic books. He has hosted more than ten projects sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Government, the State Council and many other provinces.

Website: http://www.acem.sjtu.edu.cn/faculty/shizhanzhong.html