International Tournament Schedule the 4th ‘Think Youth’ -- Shanghai International Digital Creation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is organized by Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Committee, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

This year, international tournament of Digital Creation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition continue to invite students from domestic and foreign universities to participate in. On the basis of the classified selection of cultural creative works of Shanghai college students, the outstanding works will be selected to compete and display with the works from other colleges and universities at home and abroad. This competition is sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


  Entry Objects

1. Domestic college students and graduates;

2. International students in domestic colleges and universities, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other regions;

3. Students and graduates from overseas colleges and universities;

4. Contestants under 36 years of age can sign up as an individual or a team. There are no limits regarding nationality, year at university, or major.

Entry Requirements

1. All entries should be created after March 1, 2016, we encourage students to create and submit original works with profound content, distinctive personality and originality.

2. The content should focus on the innovative spirit and cultural accomplishment of college students. In addition, the works should make people impressed by its healthy themes, novel technique, and rich artistic appeal. The types of entries are as follows:

(1) Short Video Group

The entry should be equipped with novel content and positive topic which shows the innovative spirit, excellent spiritual and civilized features of the youth. The recommended topic includes humanities, tourism, animation, film and television, creative dance, campus environment, friendship with classmates, etc.

(2) Business Group:

There is no limit to the project’s types. all kinds of innovative business projects and products are welcomed, including ‘internet plus’, education, medical treatment, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, cultural creativity, finance, information technology and public welfare services. Entries need to put stress on innovative technologies, products, service models or business models and the market transformation of scientific and technological achievements. A " business plan" for innovative start-up projects or start-up entities need to be prepared for contestants in business group.

(3) New Media Art Group

The scope of submission for this group includes augmented reality/virtual display, digital sandbox, interactive projection (3D Mapping), power unit, physical model, dynamic impact, data visualization, immersive space and so on.

Requirements of Submission Material:

1. Entries for short video group:

(1) short video works for Competition must be original and contestants can DIY and apply all kinds of creative ideas in them. The background music, special effects and the style of works is not limited;

(2) The short video should be vertical screen, full screen, high definition and without obvious noise point. The resolution of video works is not less than 1280x720 pixels;

(3) It is required that contestants should ensure the integrity of video content. The length of the time is not less than 10 seconds and not more than 1 minutes;

(4) No watermark;

(5) A brief description of the work should be attached to the application form;

2. Entries for business group:

(1) The original business plan that students made should be presented in slides with project introduction, organizational structure, market analysis, risk management, etc. It is required that works for competition should have potential of higher profit-making, growth, employment-solving ability or potential, as well as certain investment value.

(2) Additional video material with functional demonstration, explanation is allowed.

Notes: Please pay attention on the duration. Duration of video presentation will be added to the defense time in road show.

3.Entries for new media art group:

(1) This kind of work needs to provide the demonstration video for us, the resolution of which is not less than 1280x720 pixels. It should adopt the H.264/265 compression coding standard and be saved in the MP4 format;

(2) The work needs to have the detailed title and the introduction within 500 words;

(3) The deadline of other related material will be announced after initial evaluation.

n  Submission:

(1) Send the electronic application form (Attachment 1) and entry to in the form of mail attachments or links;

(2) All works should be listed in separate folders. Name the file with category, school, name of members and name of entry.

Contact: Mr. Wang

Tel: 021-6293 3431

Address: Room431, the First Teaching Building, Floor1, No.1954 Huashan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


Deadline of Entry Collection: May 31, 2019

Works Selection: At the end of June 2019

Road show for Business Group & Offline Display for Short Video Group: July 19, 2019

Road show for New Media Art Group: In November 2019


(1) The contestants must be the first author of the works, the one entrusted to participating in this competition or a member of the project’s core team.

(2) The entry should be original and are strictly prohibited from including pornography, violence, terror, reactionary and other content that violates national laws.

(3) The entry should be an original work, which has no relation to any intellectual property dispute and infringement of the intellectual property rights, ownership, use rights and disposition rights of third parties. Otherwise, the participants should assume the arising legal responsibility.

(4) It is claimed that the intellectual property rights of all works shall be owned by the contestants, and the works will be used for the production of promotional materials for competitions and related activities, for the designation and authorization of media release, also for the award ceremony, exhibition and other related landing activities.

(5) The results will be subject to the announcement in the email by Jury and on the official .

Attachment 1 application form the 4th "think youth"