(Chicago00: 1915 – Augmented reality app)

Chicago00: 1915 Eastland Disaster—the opportunity was presented by a historical event in downtown Chicago (a tragic boat accident in 1915) that was extensively documented: more than 300 photographs and multiple newsreel films. The events took place on a single city block, with easy pedestrian access along the city’s new Riverwalk. To take advantage of this, an augmented reality app was created, where audiences on-site could see the historical photographs, superimposed on the site where they were taken. (Chicago00: 1933 – Virtual reality app)

Chicago00: 1933 World’s Fair—the 1933 fair was heavily documented and an important historical event in the city’s history.  Almost all of the buildings were demolished after the fair, and the site is now a public park and museum campus covering several miles.  Of particular interest were aerial photographs taken from the fair’s Skyride (a 191 meter tall ride across the fair).  To match the photographs, VR drone-photography was produced, matching the historical locations, and a narrated virtual reality tour of the site was published as APP, and also to the Youtube VR and Oculus distribution platforms. (Chicago00: 1893 – Virtual reality experience and web portal)

Chicago00: 1893 World’s Fair—the site of the historic fair is now a park that borders the University of Chicago.  Exceptional aerial photographs taken from the windows of the original 1893 Ferris Wheel presented a special opportunity.  Drone VR photography matching the path of the original wheel was captured, and a 3D animated model of the ferris wheel created to match the historical photographs.  A narrated VR tour, as well as a web-portal mapped site were created to distribute the story.