“Global Digital Creative Industry-University Consortium.”

1) What is the Consortium for?  

The consortium aims to generate mutual learning and growth by enabling close collaboration and engagement between member enterprises, the CDCER (& ICCI, SJTU), and other related entities (e.g., other universities, government agencies, non-profit organizations).

2) Benefits to Member Enterprises

- Access to most recent knowledge content from the academics

- Access to best practices and knowhow from the industries

- Access to collaboration opportunities and talent from different domains

3) Benefits to CDCER

- Industry Insight from best practices

- Enhanced teaching and learning resources for students

- Student placement and research funding opportunities

4) Who are Our Potential Member Enterprises? Startups and small medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in diverse digital creative sectors that are:

- Knowledge-intensive organizations with Innovative, affective, and collaborative culture,  

- Customer-focused, market-oriented, and data-driven,

- Aiming to disrupt the existing markets and create new markets with a novel business model  

5) Service Package for Member Enterprises

Monthly Seminar | CDCER faculty members and invited thought leaders will share most recent research outcomes and best practices from the industries. It also provides networking opportunities with experts from different sectors/organizations.

Quarterly Company Visit | Members of the Consortium will visit a company with the best practices. The company executives will share their case and lessons learned from the case.

Annual Diagnosis | For any desiring members, CDCER faculty members and research affiliates will provide a brief management consultation based on our center’s “Digital Creative Enterprises Success Model” and submit a diagnosis report (as per request). If any member enterprise wants to receive an in-depth diagnosis service or a customized consultation service, CDCER can offer the service by charging per case (on a rolling base, charged fees may vary based on the type of service).  

Curated Knowledge Content | CDCER will curate the relevant knowledge content from different sources and report to our member enterprises. Member enterprises can be updated with recent events and issues in digital creative industry.

6) Responsibility of Member Enterprises

- Collaborative attitude toward the Consortium and its member enterprises

- Sharing their resources and knowledge for promoting synergy and mutual growth

- Affordable annual membership fee

Any Inquiry for the Consortium or collaboration opportunities, please contact to: shryu@sjtu.edu.cn