Production & Exhibition
  • Producing a series of projects in Shanghai, using the city’s unique cultural history and media archives to create virtual reality experiences of historic sites in the city.
  • Developing innovative methods and technologies for the exhibition of virtual reality in the context of art galleries and museums.
Technical Innovation
  • New interfaces for the display of virtual reality on monumental screens that encourage group participation.
  • Technical architectures for creating augmented reality maps of the city that can support urban outdoor AR experiences.
  • Master classes, workshops, and symposia in which future makers are introduced to international leaders in the field.
  • Academic publications of research and education materials.
  • New methods to assess the utility of new media experiences as they compare to traditional media, especially as it concerns engagement, empathy, and education.
  • Collection and publication of data samples from audience experiences of virtual and augmented reality, especially as it concerns analytical data as to user’s visual tracking and registration of experiences.