Center for Digital Creative Enterprise Research (CDCER)

Vision   We study and support digital creative enterprises, combining digital capability and creative competency to generate business values, for education, inspiration, and impact.

Mission  We build educational networks of researchers, educators, professionals, and students for identifying, understanding, and creating business and social value from the digital creative industry.

Research approach 

1) Interdisciplinary: We add values on the intersections of business/management, science/technology, and culture/creativity. We also create the processes of interchanges in theories, methods, and skills.

2) Industry-oriented: We create more practical and relevant knowledge for the industry through action learning and consortium research. We collaborate closely with the leading enterprises in the industry to develop innovation platforms. We help emerging enterprises grow their performance and impacts.

3) International: We cultivate international collaboration networks for sharing best practices. We integrate strong academic and industrial resources of SJTU, USC, and other domestic/global partner universities and institutions.