Academic Research

We develop research projects, collect & analyze data, and write academic papers. We aim at publishing our papers in top-tier academic journals in mainly business and communication domains. We also work on publishing research monographs/textbooks on the related topics and issues.

Business Case Writing

One of our goals is to identify best practices and spread them through the global networks for the educational purpose. For achieving this goal, we will closely collaborate with our industry partners in developing business cases. We co-organize the case series on digital entertainment with SAGE Publishing:

Course Development

We design regular courses for students in collaboration with our industry partners, to meet the needs of market and industry. Industry partners can benefit from the course development as they can acquire a creative perspective and find talents during the process.  


We invite world-renown researchers and industry experts for sharing their insights to our partners. A series of professional workshops is developed for serving different needs of our enterprise members.

Consulting Service

We provide a range of consulting service based on our knowledge resource and analytic capability. Our specific expertise include: 1) Market research for a new product launching, 2) Customer equity (or customer life value management, and 3) Digital transformation strategy development.