Call for 2019 ICCI ART VALLEY Visiting Artists (Education Oriented)

Deadline: June 30th, 2019

Organization: USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Location: Shanghai, China

Length: OCT 2019-DEC 2019

Opportunity Type: One-off (2 months)

Opportunity Discipline: All VISUAL ARTS

Application Deadline: 30/06/2019


We are calling for 5 international artist scholars who will participate in the ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM during Oct-Dec in 2019.  Qualified artist scholars will be provided the following breathtaking opportunities, such as to have their works to be exhibited at: 2019 Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries EXPO (Nov. 21 - 24)( and 2019 Shanghai International Arts Festival (Oct. 18 – Nov 18) ( ART VALLEY exhibition at Hai Shang Culture Center.

PLUS: Collaboration with local artists

ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM are looking for international artists that meet the following criteria:

I. Academic scholar background in higher education, i.e. institute/university/conservatory of Art

II. Public speech skill and fluent ENGLISH speaking

III. Various genres in visual arts media and diversity in culture background is highly appreciated

More Detailed Benefits include:

a. Admission and participation in the 2019 Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo. (Free of charge exclusively for ICCI ART VALLEY artists)

b. Admission and participation in the 2019 Shanghai International Arts Festival.     (Free of charge exclusively for ICCI ART VALLEY artists)

c.Presentation of your artwork at 2019 International Conference on Global   Cultural and Creative Industries.

d. Reimbursed exhibition fees.

e. Reimbursed return airfare home - Shanghai – home.

f. 2 months of accommodation in Shanghai. (FREE of charge)

g. PAID lecture on top of RMB 15,000 living allowance (including visa fee, insurance, colors and local transportation), material fee is negotiable.

h. Get acquainted with top Chinese artists, and be introduced to Chinese culture.

i. Permanent exhibition of your donated works at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (leading university in China)

j. Promotion your works in China.

you are expected to:

a. Create artwork at ICCI and with selected local artists

b. Donate 2 artworks to SJTU for the permanent exhibition

c. Bring at least 5 completed works to Shanghai for the 3 exhibitions

About the Host:

ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM awards fully sponsored numbers of local, national, and international artist for designed art activities each year. We offer intercontinental travelling, art studio space, comfortable housing, and activities stipends. ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM has become part of a dynamic community of artists participating in Shanghai’s professional art programs, providing artist scholars the opportunities to exchange and collaborative with art education expertise, and build up close relationships within the artist scholar community in Shanghai. The artist scholar who are selected for this program can be at all stages in their careers, and the art work can be in all style and type, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, new media, installation, interdisciplinary, and architecture.

The owner of ART VALLEY PROGRAM, The SJTU-USC Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry(ICCI), is a joint institute between University of Southern California (USC) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). ART VALLEY is a consistently rising program focused on 3 significant missions: 1, academic art education and research program with Lecture and speech from art scholars; 2, conversation and collaboration between artist with diversity cultural background around the world; 3, cooperation and exchange with art business in China art marketplace. Since 2015, ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM has welcomed 100+ artist scholars and fellows around the world, for the accomplishment with the inspiration of their education practice, as well as the development of their education principle.

How to Apply:

Artists please reply with your CV that illustrate your teaching experience in higher education institute, academic scholar practice and principle, as well as exhibition experience and collection records of your artwork. Please send through high-resolution images of life and your works to: .