In order to actively promote the development of Shanghai as "City of Design", create the ecological environment for cultural innovation and creative industry development in the city, demonstrate the achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Shanghai higher education institutes, cultivate the students’ innovative entrepreneurial consciousness, nurture a large number of outstanding entrepreneurial talents as well as to connect students tighter with the innovation and cultural industry, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission held the 5th “Think Youth” digital creation, innovation & entrepreneurship competitions (hereinafter referred to as “Think Youth” competition).

一、Collection Objects

1. College students and graduates from various colleges and universities in China.

2. Foreign students from various domestic colleges and universities, including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other areas.

3. College students and graduates from overseas colleges and universities.

4. No more than 36 years old. In addition, participants can join the competition as groups or individuals. There are no limits regarding nationality, grade or major.


1.All entries should be created during the school period after 2018, we encourage students to create and submit original works with profound content, distinctive personality and originality.

2.The content should focus on the innovative spirit and cultural accomplishment of college students. In addition, the works should be appealing in terms of its healthy themes, novel technique, and rich artistic appeal.

The types of entries are as follows:

1. Business Group

There is no limit to the project’s types. all kinds of innovative business projects and products are welcomed, including ‘internet plus’, education, medical treatment, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, cultural creativity, finance, information technology and public welfare services. Entries need to put stress on innovative technologies, products, service models or business models and the market transformation of scientific and technological achievements. A " business plan" for innovative start-up projects or start-up entities need to be prepared for contestants in business group.

2.New Media Art Group

The scope of submission for this group includes augmented reality/virtual display, digital sandbox, interactive projection (3D Mapping), power unit, physical model, dynamic impact, data visualization, immersive space, etc.

3. Theme creativity Group

With the theme of "Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University", the sub-competition requires participants designing souvenirs and creative works focusing on Shanghai Jiao Tong University and its related history and culture. Participants can design souvenirs, creative and cultural products, artistic crafts, paintings, font, logo, poster, graphic media, webpage, dynamic graphic images, and visual communication works, etc.


1.Business Group

(1)The original business plan that students made should be presented in slides with project introduction, organizational structure, market analysis, risk management, etc. It is required that works for competition should have potential of higher profit-making, growth, employment-solving ability or potential, as well as certain investment value.

(2)Additional video material with functional demonstration, explanation is allowed.

(3)Send the application form(see attachment 1) and entry to in the form of mail attachments or links before June 30th;


All works should be listed in separate folders. Name the file with category, school, name of members and name of entry.

2.New Media Art Group

(1)This kind of work needs to provide the demonstration video for us, the resolution of which is not less than 1280x720 pixels. It should adopt the H.264/265 compression coding standard and be saved in the MP4 format;

(2)The work needs to have the detailed title and the introduction within 500 words;

(3)Log in before June 30 to enter the "Think Youth" page to upload works;

3.Theme Creativity Group

(1)You should upload an original design with independent copyright.

(2)You should prepare a 500-word description explaining your design.

(3)You should prepare at least 1 picture illustrating your design.

(4)Your design should involve the related elements of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

(5)You should mail all the documents to before May 30th.

What you will be awarded?

Excellent entries will have a opportunity to get the incubation system support provided by “I space”, including entrepreneurship project training, industry guidance, investment and financial support, as well as free workplace, which is senior and has tracking mode.

Outstanding works in the theme creativity sub-competition are possible to be incubated openly and released as the 125th anniversary official souvenir of SJTU!

Attachment1: Application Form