Technology is changing museums inside and out. From collections to marketing to exhibitions; from research to community engagement and security. Nothing of the traditional museum has been untouched and the change is still underway.

Disruption, innovation, and transformation is the accepted lexicon of the last few decades. After a time of experimentation and investment in technology pursued to discover and build the museum(s) of the future, we now should ask— Are we making better experiences, better civic amenities, better institutions to serve and help our communities?

The Future Museum Symposium 2023 is hosted by the Future Museum Studio (, at the Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and will take place February 23-26.

Three panels of experts will meet via Tencent video conference to discuss the future of museums from three critical points of view. Sessions will be live translated, English—Chinese, and will be live-streamed and open to the public for viewing, questions, and interaction.

Discussion 1

Future Museum COLLECTIONS & CONTENT– Backroom problems and solutions

Meeting Schedule

Feb.23 Thursday




Special Invitee

Lonnie Bunch

Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution


Prof. Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

Director of the Future Museum Studio


Prof. Robert Bickers

University of Bristol, Director, Historical Photographs of China

Cristiano Bianchi

Director, Keepthinking, museum software and design consultancy

Prof. Emma Duester

Digitization and Culture in Vietnam (upcoming publication)

Dr. Frances Liddell

Research fellow, Art & Antiquities, Blockchain Consortium, UK


Tencent Meeting Room Number:755479294 Password:884809

Live-streaming Link:

Discussion 2
Future Museum EXPERIENCE – Front-room audiences, causes and effects

Meeting Schedule

Feb.25 Saturday


NYC:Feb 24, 20:00-22:30


John Russick

Interim President & CEO, Levine Museum New South, USA


Kate Haley Goldman

Director of HG&Co., Exhibition planning and evaluation

Benjamin Filene

Head of Curatorial Affairs, National Museum of American History

Joy Bivens

Director of the Schomburg Cener for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library

Koven Smith

Knight Foundation, Senior Director Arts


Tencent Meeting Room Number:822823495 Password:750375

Live-streaming Link:

Discussion 3
Future Museum TECHNOLOGY –Outside the museum, the present and future

Meeting Schedule

Feb.26 Sunday


NYC:Feb 25, 20:00-22:30


Jack Ludden

Technology expert, Balboa Park Online Collaborative


Josh Goldblum

Founder & CEO, Blue Cadet

Liz Neely

Curator of Digital Experience, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Nik Honeysett

CEO of Balboa Park Online Collaborative

Prior Head of Administration, J. Paul Getty Museum


Tencent Meeting Room Number:156444743 Password:436772

Live-streaming Link: