Assistant Researcher SJTU E-mail: xyphoebe@sjtu.edu.cn

Research Field: Social and Cultural Psychology, Media Psychology

Dr. Xu graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong with Ph.D. in psychology. Before that she got her Bachelor Degree from Fudan University in Microelectronics Engineering and Master Degree from Columbia University in Developmental Psychology.

Her primary research involved social and cultural psychology, which is partially inspired by her multi-culture experience, born in Shanghai, studied and worked in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. This line of research explores the adjustment of multicultural environment; culture change in particular how Chinese culture change; social behavior in online media; and how social relationship such as trust influence people economic behavior, health as well as prosocial behaviors.

Besides, she  extend her research  to media psychology – an applied direction as a behavioral science seeking to understand how media and the growing use of technology factor into how people perceive, interpret, respond and interact in a media rich world, especially, with cultural perspective. she uses traditional psychology research method, experimental, survey, as well as big-data tools, such as Google Ngram, which was used in one of her published papers on cross-temporal analysis of Chinese culture change.