Associate Professor SJTU E-mail: davidcra@usc.edu

Research Field: IDEA, Media Industries, Production Studies

Professor Craig is a multiple Emmy Award-nominated producer and former programming executives at A&E and Lifetime Television. Over the past three decades, he has produced over 30 projects, including 100+ hours of television, that included films, television movies, mini-series, and drama series, web series, graphic novels, and stage productions.

He holds a Masters in Cinema Studies from NYU (2004) and a doctorate in Education from UCLA (2014). His doctorate considered the critical, cultural, and pedagogical history of LGBT-themed, made-for-TV movies from That Certain Summer (1972) to The Normal Heart (2014).

Professor Craig has spoken on numerous panels media conferences including Transforming Hollywood 5, Silicon Beach LA, and E2: The Evolution of Entertainment Conference. He guest lectures and participates in executive training for numerous organizations and other institutions, e.g., Shanghai Media Group, Jiangsu Broadcasting, and more.

Website: http://annenberg.usc.edu/faculty/communication/david-craig