Patricia Riley
Associate Professor of Communication; Director, Global Communication Master's Degree Program USC Annneberg School for Communication and Journal E-mail:

Research Field: Globalization IDEA Media Management New Media Organizational Communication Research Methods

Dr. Riley is a specialist in organizational communication and internationally known for her work on institutional politics and organizational culture change. Her most recent research focuses on the role of communication infrastructure in knowledge

management processes and on the role of communication and information technologies in organizational change and transformation. She has a new grant funded by the DOD to help develop and evaluate virtual training. Her work has appeared in such books as Organizational Communication and Change, Organizational Culture, Advances in Leadership Research and the Handbook of Organizational Communication, and in journals such as Administrative Science Quarterly, Communication Quarterly, Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, Journal of Management, Argument and Advocacy, New Management and Communication Reports. She is presently working on a book with Warren Bennis called Organizational Redevelopment.

Dr. Riley teaches undergraduate courses in organizational communication and graduate seminars on power and politics in

organizations, organizational culture, and organizational communication theory. An expert in research methods, she also teaches graduate seminars in field research methodology and multivariate statistics. In addition, she is an associate member of the USC Leadership Institute, teaches in the Executive Program in the Marshall School of Business, is an adjunct member of the East Asian Studies Center and directs both the undergraduate and graduate internship programs.