Musée d’Orsay Delegation conducts an in-depth visiting with ICCI

ICCI 2019-11-02 1

On November 1st,2019, Weimin ZHANG, Dean of ICCI, and Feng ZHAO, Vice Dean of USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University received the visiting of Laurence des Cars, the director of Musée d’Orsay and Aurélie Cauchy, the director of Foreign Affairs with great warmth. Representatives from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Cultural Development Fund and Qian Xuesen Library and Museum also joined the visit and academic exchange later.

The delegation member first visited the studios of Juan OLIVARES, Mary O’MALLEY, Gan YU and Qi YANG of the “ICCI ART VALLEY”-visiting scholars, and exchanged views on eastern and western arts with them. The resident artists introduced their art works and offered the collection albums as souvenir gifts.

The delegation group then visited the 4D Film Art and Technology Center of ICCI and the SJTU-GDI Virtual Reality Innovation and Education Center where they learned the teaching equipment and the class arrangement,. The delegation group spoke highly of the advanced teaching equipment environment of ICCI.

In the following conversations, Weimin ZHANG introduced the development of ICCI, and detailed on its talent development model, stressing on "Internationalization, Interdisciplinary, Industry-orientation". Laurence des Cars introduced the background and projects of Musée d’Orsay, and elaborated on the cultivation of contemporary curators, opportunities and challenges in the development of museums. Both sides exchanged ideas on the development of talents and potential cooperation in the future.

The Musee d 'Orsay in France is one of the three art repositories in Paris, which is known as "the most beautiful museum in Europe". This visit provides an opportunity for the constructive dialogue on the international artistic talent training and innovation. Both sides look forward to the future cooperation and exchanges in the fields of artistic talent training.