Two Programs from ICCI Won Shanghai's Top Media Awards

ICCI 2023-03-23 1

Good News from ICCI! Two programs, “International Conference on Global Cultural and Creative Industries” and "Meet Expat Entrepreneurs in Shanghai" have won Silver Dove Awards, Shanghai's top media awards for media organizations targeting foreign readership and audiences.

International Conference on Global Cultural and Creative Industries

As an emerging frontier industry in the 21st century, cultural and creative industries have been the powerhouse for innovation and economic transformation. To cater to the goal of building Shanghai into a metropolitan city with global influence and cultivating talents with global vision, ICCI has held five consecutive sessions of the International Conference on Global Cultural and Creative Industries since 2018. The conferences have attracted participants from around the world to share their expertise to promote industry development and help establish Shanghai as a premier global city. After five years of effort, the platform has become the largest global conference in the industry, with over 5000 people participating altogether.

Expat Entrepreneurs in Shanghai

The program leads with the video series named Meet Expat Entrepreneurs @Shanghai, as well as the podcast, digital magazine, and online salon to publicize the story accounted by Expat Entrepreneurs in Shanghai. Their experience was exposed in social media to publicize Shanghai's favorable environment for starting a business. In 2022, despite the challenges posed by Covid, video making and publishing didn't stop. Five salons themed with Meet Expat Entrepreneurs @Shanghai were held between April and June to support the ex-pat entrepreneurs in Shanghai. All these efforts aimed to cater to their demand in hard times and enrich their life in the city.