ICCI Commencement 2023: Celebrating Industry-Oriented Education and Immersive Cultural Experience

ICCI 2023-03-27 1

On March 18, the Class of 2023 participated in the commencement ceremony at the Guangfulin Relic Park, an archaeological site in Songjiang District. With caps and gowns, over one hundred ICCI graduates embarked on their new adventures with congratulations from their families and faculties.

The Guangfulin Relic Park witnessed the graduates' completion of master's programs with all the best wishes. The commencement was followed by graduates' immersive experience in an underwater museum that demonstrates the whole history of the Songjiang area and Shanghai from 800 years ago.

The commencement ceremony was specially arranged in the Guangfulin museum for graduates to immerse themselves in the cultural trip. Graduates were divided into different groups to uncover the designed plot for the purpose of understanding  Shanghai’s culture. The direct experience of creative tourism gave them the opportunity to feel the dynamics of the latest industry development.

Remarks from Weimin ZHANG, Dean of ICCI

It was not a new attempt in ICCI. The college has always upheld the principle of integrating industry and academic resources in cultivating talents with a global perspective, as well as interdisciplinary and industry-oriented skills. As a result, ICCI graduates enjoy bright career prospects at all times. Since its establishment in 2015, ICCI has nurtured around 300 graduates for different industries including government institutions, the internet industry, the financial industry, and consulting industry. The employment rate has reached 100% in 7 successive years.

Conferral of Degrees

Apart from the conferral of degrees for graduates, the appointment ceremony for the leading industry practitioners is another traditional event at the commencement. In the future, these industry experts will be included in the ICCI supervisor group to foster interdisciplinary industry leaders.

ICCI Industrial Supervisor Appointment Ceremony

ICCI first adopted the supervisor group system to enable students to access international and professional research resources as well as invaluable industry experiences. The supervisor group is composed of academic supervisors, industrial supervisors, and international supervisors. Weimin ZHANG, the dean of ICCI, remarked the system not only promotes the interaction and collaboration between ICCI education and industry but also provides a platform for cultivating KOL with global visions and interdisciplinary skills.

Congratulatory Remarks from Shantanu Dutta

Shantanu Dutta, Vice Dean for Graduate Programs at the University of Southern California (USC) delivered his best wishes to graduates via the internet. Besides, he also recognized that ICCI's education featuring the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge and industry resources has been widely received in the industry.

There are lots of ICCI graduates get enrolled in master programs offered by Marshall School of Business USC every year. Besides, what makes ICCI proud is the percentage of ICCI graduates winning the "USC Dean’s List", the local highest honor for graduates, greatly exceeds that of the local students.