ICCI Achieves Breakthrough in 2023 with Record Number of Approved National Research Projects

ICCI 2023-10-17 1

In a recent announcement, the National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC) and  the National Social Science Fund of China(NSSFC) nveiled the results of their 2023 project reviews. Professor Sunghan RYU,  the Associate Professor of ICCI, secured approval for his project titled 'Antecedents and Consequences of Community-based Trust in Crowdfunding: A Multi-Method and Longitudinal Analysis' under the 2023 NSFC’s Foreign Young Scholar Fund. Additionally, Lecturer Yu YAN's project, 'Research on the Reform of Chinese Characters and Changes in Standard Character Form from the Perspective of Everyday Technology in Modern China,' gained approval under the 2023 NSSFC's Youth Project.

The National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC) serves as a cornerstone for fundamental research, playing a pivotal role as a platform for both fundamental and applied research initiatives. Achieving approval from this foundation represents a significant milestone for evaluating a university's prowess in scientific innovation and fundamental research.

The National Social Science Fund of China(NSSFC) holds a critical position in facilitating government-supported social science research in China. This fund provides support across a wide spectrum of research project categories, spanning diverse fields within the social sciences. Applicants seeking funding are required to demonstrate academic excellence, relevant research experience, and submit comprehensive research plans detailing anticipated outcomes. Notably, the NSSFC actively champions interdisciplinary research projects and maintains a sharp focus on addressing the contemporary social challenges faced by China.

In the current year, ICCI has achieved outstanding success in securing funding from both the NSSFC and the NSFC. These achievements underscore the fruitful outcomes of our discipline's development and the nurturing of research talents. ICCI places a strong emphasis on research project applications, fostering an environment where our educators are encouraged to delve into both fundamental theory and applied research, promoting innovation at every turn. Additionally, ICCI and the related departments actively collaborate with experts who offer guidance and engage in idea exchanges on various project aspects. This includes project selection, content development, and format reviews, all of which contribute to the high quality of project proposals. These concerted efforts have laid a robust foundation for cultivating a high-caliber research team within ICCI.