The Successful Opening of a Joint Exhibition Themed 'Ancient Sound Quest: 'Miao Ethnic Intangible Cultural Heritage Epic King Yalu' and 'The Summer Social Practice Achievements of ICCI Students'

ICCI 2023-09-15 1

On September 15th, the opening ceremony of the joint exhibition, ''Ancient Sound Quest: The Miao Ethnic Intangible Cultural Heritage Epic 'King Yalu' and 'The Summer Social Practice Achievements of ICCI Students'" took place in the building of SJTU Archives and Museums. The event was organized by the USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI) in collaboration with the Center of SJTU Archives and Museums.

The event was graced with the presence of Hao HU, Director of the Publicity Department and Member of the CPC SJTU Standing Committee, Weimin ZHANG, Dean of ICCI, as well as leaders and guests of the Student Affairs Guidance Committee, the Center of SJTU Archives and Museums, the King Yalu Cultural Research Center. The opening ceremony was hosted by Assistant Professor Zhixin XU of ICCI, who also led the student summer social practice of Guizhou.

Hao HU delivered the opening speech. He underscored the vital role that intangible cultural heritage plays within the rich tapestry of China's traditional culture. He emphasized that safeguarding, preserving, and harnessing intangible cultural heritage holds profound importance. It serves as a linchpin for upholding historical continuity, fortifying cultural confidence, fostering cross-cultural exchanges, and building China into a country with a thriving socialist culture. HU expressed his optimism and aspired to see more SJTU students seize diverse practical opportunities, immerse themselves in experiential learning, and use their observations, professional knowledge, and accumulated wisdom to infuse youthful vitality into cultural preservation and protection.

Weimin ZHANG, in his address, highlighted the pivotal role of this exhibition as a catalyst for students' creativity and cultural engagement. Within the vision of ICCI, students are encouraged to embrace their responsibility in bolstering campus culture and becoming catalysts for the cultural and creative industries. Their contributions are instrumental in propelling the development and advancement of society. ZHANG reiterated the school's commitment to this endeavor by providing state-of-the-art professional courses and cutting-edge facilities. The primary focus is on nurturing not only knowledge and skills but also well-rounded qualities that cultivate industry-leading talent for the new era. This holistic approach ensures that students are equipped to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of the cultural and creative industries, making meaningful contributions to society's growth and progress.

Zhengjiang YANG, Vice Chairman of the Guizhou Folk Literature and Art Association and former Director of the King Yalu Cultural Research Center in Ziyun Autonomous County, expressed his elation during his speech. He noted with delight the growing participation of young talents in the preservation and protection of intangible cultural heritage. In particular, he commended the ICCI students for their innovative approach to presenting their research findings through digital mediums, vividly demonstrating the revitalization of intangible cultural heritage among the younger generation. This perspective has not only injected new energy but also offered novel insights, serving as a source of inspiration for the continued study and appreciation of King Yalu culture.

Duoer GUO, an ICCI student representative from the Guizhou Summer Social Practice Team and the curator of the exhibition, delivered a speech. She expressed sincere gratitude for the support and assistance provided by the ICCI. She and her classmate  are committed to seizing more opportunities for hands-on experience, leveraging their expertise, and channeling their boundless enthusiasm toward the advancement of China's exceptional traditional culture through creative transformation and innovative development.

This exhibition is the culmination of extensive field research, deep exploration, and meticulous planning dedicated to the preservation of Miao ethnic intangible cultural heritage. Its primary focus is the epic narrative of Miao ethnic heritage, "King Yalu," intricately weaving together the distinctive music of the Miao ethnic group. The exhibition unfolds across three distinct thematic zones: "Hey! Yalu," "Miao Territory Memories," and "Secrets of Sound." Leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies like AIGC and digital media, it seamlessly amalgamates striking visuals, evocative sounds, and a captivating array of visual artworks to present an immersive and unforgettable cultural odyssey.