Shanghai Jiao Tong University and KEDGE Business School Commemorate 20 years of Partnership

ICCI 2024-03-24 1

On March 23, 2024, SJTU-KEDGE 20th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony & Industry Forum took place in Shanghai.

Distinguished attendees at the ceremony included Mr. Joan VALADOU (Consul General of France in Shanghai), Lifeng Xi (Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC&Executive Vice President of SJTU), Alexandre de NAVAILLES (GM of KEDGE Business School), Yanli HU (Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office of SJTU), Weimin ZHANG (Secretary of the Party General Branch&Dean of ICCI), Frédéric TOUMAZET (French Dean of SJTU Paris Elite Institute of Technology), Jean-Francois VERGNAUD (French Dean of the Sino-French Institute of Renmin University of China), Salom é RODRIGUES (Officer of the Higher Education Cooperation Program at the Consulate General of France in Shanghai) and previous part-time SPEIT Global MBA alumni, alongside other representatives from higher education and industry, to witness an extraordinary commemoration for two decades of successful partnership.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Lifeng XI delivered an opening speech, offering sincere congratulations on the splendid achievements in 20 years of collaboration between both organizations. He reviewed the history of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's partnership with KEDGE Business School, a prominent institution in France, affirming its exemplary effect and outstanding results. He eagerly anticipated continuing to follow the footsteps of Sino-French friendship, maintaining more important partnership with KEDGE Business School. He also encouraged alumni to contribute jointly to both universities, continuously stabilizing and promoting Sino-French educational cooperation.

Alexandre de NAVAILLES noted that KEDGE Business School was founded from the merger of two French renowned business schools: EUROMED Management in Marseilles and BEM (Bordeaux Management School) in Bordeaux. He emphasized the school's privilege to witness successful Sino-French cooperation and honor to establish a renowned partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University. As one of the earliest international MBA programs approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, KEDGE-SJTU Global MBA has empowered both institutions to address today's global challenges. He quoted the French philosopher Montaigne that, "the arms of friendship are wide enough to stretch from one end of the world to the other." He stressed that the collaboration between KEDGE and SJTU symbolized Sino-French friendship, expressing anticipation for future achievements together. KEDGE-SJTU cooperation is the quintessence of Sino-French friendship, and we all look forward to working hand in hand with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to chart a new course together.

Mr. Joan VALADOU delivered a fluent Chinese speech tracing the collaborative history between KEDGE Business School and Chinese universities, highlighting their roles in fostering business innovation, talent development, and cultural exchange. He acknowledged Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a crucial partner for France among disciplines. Over the past two decades, their partnership has evolved into a robust alliance and dedicated to academic excellence and international cooperation, significantly enhancing exchanges between France and China. Consul General Joan VALADOU expressed confidence in the prospects of cooperation between two universities.

As a token of appreciation and friendship, symbolic gifts were exchanged between the two organizations. Lifeng XI, on behalf of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, presented a Shanghai-style floral and bird painting crafted by Professor Renzuo ZHAN from ICCI. Alexandre de NAVAILLES, representing KEDGE Business School, offered a modern sketch painting featuring iconic buildings of both universities, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to strengthening their bonds.

As Shanghai Jiao Tong University and KEDGE Business School move forward, they remain dedicated to enhancing their collaboration, elevating educational standards, and cultivating the next generation of international business leaders. This partnership aims to chart a new course in the history of Sino-French education, offering promising prospects for both nations.