A Brand New Beginning: ICCI 2024 Master Students’ Graduation Ceremony Successfully Held

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On March 30, 2024, the USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University hosted a grand graduation ceremony for its 2024 master students. The event took place aboard a cruise ship docked at Qichangzhan Wharf. Notable attendees included esteemed industry mentors, faculty members, and students from the ICCI. Over 150 guests from diverse sectors congregated by the Huangpu River to witness the 2024 graduates launch into the next phase of their journey.

Embracing Challenges, Rising to Success

Advice from the Principal  Kuiling Ding to Graduates

In the morning, the 2024 graduate students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University gathered at the Huo Yindong Gymnasium at the Minhang campus for their graduation and degree awarding ceremony. Kuiling Ding, the principal and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech titled "Embracing Challenges, Rising to Success," crafted in collaboration with Zhenbin YANG, the Secretary of the CPC SJTU Committee. Principal Ding highlighted the impending new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation, emphasizing the rapid advancements in cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence. He urged the graduates to maintain strategic composure, actively embrace change, confront challenges directly, and seize emerging opportunities. Principal Ding emphasized the significance of tackling real-world issues, making incremental progress to achieve significant breakthroughs, honing solid capabilities to accomplish major goals, and mastering authentic skills to lead transformative innovations.

2024 Master's Graduates Group Photo

Setting Sail Anew

From the iconic Shanghai Center, dubbed the "Summit of Shanghai," to the historic Guangfulin, known as the "Origin of Shanghai," ICCI selects distinctive venues for its annual graduation ceremonies. This allows graduates to deeply feel the institute's reverence for the spirit of "creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship" as they embark on their next life journey. The instituete hopes students to tightly connect their ideals with the city's development and the progress of the times, soaring into the broader horizon of the future.

This year, ICCI held its graduation ceremony aboard cruise ship at the historic Qichangzhan Wharf . The shimmering waters of the river and the dazzling skyline of the Bund illuminated youthful faces and highlighted the responsibilities and commitments carried by the ICCI  students.

Feng GU, the full-time deputy director of the Academic Affairs Committee at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, conveyed well-wishes to the graduates on behalf of the school. He highlighted that  ICCI is grounded in digital cultural creativity, emphasizing its educational focus on "internationalization, interdisciplinary, and industry orientation." The institution combines professional, industry, and general education to nurture numerous cultural and creative talents with global perspectives and interdisciplinary skills. GU expressed hopes for the school to further develop its influential platform, organize branded events, and elevate talent cultivation quality, contributing to the cultural revival of China. Additionally, he encouraged graduates to align their personal growth with the national rejuvenation trend, tackle real-world challenges, and persevere through diligence and bravery.

Shantanu Dutta, Professor at the University of Southern California and Director of Academic Affairs at ICCI, extended online congratulations to the graduating students. He thanked leaders at Shanghai Jiao Tong University for their contributions to the institute's development. Dutta highlighted ICCI as a significant outcome of international cooperation between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and USC, emphasizing its focus on the creative industry and its impact on Shanghai and Los Angeles. He encouraged students to utilize the global perspectives provided by the school's platform and to become internationally-minded leaders in this dynamic industry sector.

Weimin ZHANG, Secretary of the General Party Branch and Dean of ICCI, delivered a farewell address to the graduating students themed "China, SJTU, ICCI and me." ZHANG integrated international affairs and current topics to convey his message. He urged graduates to remain grounded, innovate fearlessly, and stay true to their original intentions. Encouraging lifelong learning, he emphasized the importance of becoming faithful inheritors of Chinese traditional culture, promoters of cultural exchanges between China and foreign nations, and contributors to modern civilization for the Chinese nation. ZHANG stressed the unity of purpose with the motherland.

Following this, Feng GU, Weimin ZHANG, Jinzhang JIANG, Xuehua HU, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Renzuo ZHAN, Wenxun HE, and Sunghan RYU took the stage together to present graduation certificates and degree certificates to the 2024 graduates.

Yang GE and Weimin ZHANG presented certificates to the outstanding graduates of Shanghai.

Feng ZHAO, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Fan WU, and Min HUA presented certificates to the outstanding graduates of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Feng ZHAO, Qinghua CHEN, Jianmin LIU, Tao LI, Zhen HUANG, Shihui HU, and Zhenni FU took the stage together to present certificates to the recipients of the 2024 Enterprise Internship Scholarship.

One of the distinctive features of the ICCI is its focus on "industry orientation", and its diverse team of industry mentors provides students with opportunities and platforms for learning and practice. In 2024, ICCI added Zhen HUANG and Shihui HU as industry mentors. Feng GU and Weimin ZHANG presented them with letters of appointment.

Zhen HUANG expressed gratitude for the trust in the school, noting Yuyuan Shareholding's dedication to inheriting and innovating Chinese traditional culture through its "Oriental Lifestyle Aesthetics" strategy. He emphasized that creativity and innovation drive the current cultural tourism trend, promising a bright future for ICCI graduates. HUANG encouraged students to engage with Yuyuan in various interactions, mutually empowering each other and advancing China's cultural and creative industry.

Shihui HU extended best wishes to the graduating students, urging them to approach future challenges with courage and optimism. He briefly shared his experiences and insights into the metaverse and related technologies, inviting interested students to engage in exchange and discussion with him.

Jinzhang JIANG, representing the faculty, delivered a graduation message to the students, emphasizing the proverb "预则立,不预则废" (planning leads to success, lack of planning leads to failure). He encouraged graduates to maintain lofty aspirations, make decisive decisions, and reflect on their actions. JIANG urged them to contribute to society, stride towards the future, and achieve success.

Weimin ZHANG and Feng ZHAO presented letters of appointment to the class representatives of the 2024 cohort. In the future, they will be responsible for coordinating communication among alumni and building an efficient platform for school-college communication.

Representatives Bingxu HAN, Qi CHEN, Yuetong CHEN, and Wenjia GU from the 2024 graduating class of ICCI shared their graduation sentiments with audiences. They expressed gratitude toSJTU, ICCI, and their teachers and peers for their support. They encouraged everyone to further explore the cultural and creative industry and contribute to its growth.

The exchange of graduation gifts is a cherished tradition at ICCI's ceremony. This year, graduates gifted the institute a "Map of Cultural and Creative Studies" to commemorate shared moments. Weimin ZHANG, representing the institutel, presented students with a model of the first C919 aircraft flight as a keepsake, encouraging them to bravely pursue their dreams post-graduation.

The "Tanjiatang 155 Band," comprising graduating student representatives Zidong ZHANG, Yuren LIU, Zhuoyue CUI, Meng ZHANG, Weilong WANG, and Tianyun XU, delivered a delightful musical performance, conveying their best wishes to their fellows through melodious songs.

Hayeon Hwang played a meticulously prepared violin piece, "Charles-Auguste de Beriot Concerto No. 7 in G major, Op. 76, movement 1," which added to the ceremony's atmosphere with its melodious music. Following this, ICCI presented the graduates with a specially prepared "Setting Sail" cake, conveying warm wishes to all.

Stay true to original aspiration, and remember the source of the water.

A Decade in Review

For nine years, we've forged ahead, crafting a remarkable journey. Passing the torch, we set sail on another distant voyage. As 2025 approaches, ICCI prepares to mark its tenth anniversary since its inception. Reflecting on the past, as a vital component of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's international development strategy, the institute, with its interdisciplinary integration, innovative research mechanisms, and distinctive training concepts drawn from industrial layouts, has garnered widespread support and recognition from academia and industry. It has made significant contributions to building a socialist cultural powerhouse and advancing the university's "Double First-Class" initiative. Looking ahead, ICCI remains steadfast in pursuing its aspirations, charting a course toward nurturing talent and fostering cultural heritage and development.