This Master Degree Program in Cultural & Creative Industry Management is jointly designed and developed by SJTU and USC. It integrates the advantages and resources of two mother universities to cultivate future industry leaders with creative spirit and thoughts. Taking creation, innovation and entrepreneurship as its core, the program focuses on the curriculum development in the fields of art, philosophy, economics, management, design, and technology. Students are expected to gain senior level managerial positions in a wide range of culture-related industries, such as new media, entertainment, press and publishing, network and e-commerce, tourism, fine arts and etc.

The program runs over a period of 2.5 academic years of full-time study. Students who meet the degree requirements of SJTU and pass the thesis defense will be awarded SJTU Master of Journalism and Communication and students who meet the degree requirements of USC will be awarded USC Master of Management Studies in Cultural and Creative Industry.

The program welcomed its first intake of 26 students from all around China in September, 2015.

Program Goals

1. To cultivate international talents with global perspectives

This program integrates strong academic resources of SJTU and USC. Students who successfully complete all the program requirements will be awarded both degrees from SJTU and USC.

2. To cultivate interdisciplinary talents across multiple fields

This program emphasizes on students’ interdisciplinary knowledge and comprehensive capabilities. Courses are designed to meet the needs of market and industry.

3. To cultivate future industry leaders in cultural and creative industry

This program aims to cultivate future leaders in cultural and creative industry. Different from the traditional programs, it involves teaching and research mentoring from industries through the whole education process so as to develop students’ practical skills.

4. To cultivate creative and innovative talents with entrepreneurial spirit

The curriculum and teaching methods are designed to train students creative and innovative. The institute collaborates closely with the leading enterprises in cultural and creative industry to provide various entrepreneurship and innovation platforms for students.

Supervisor Group System

  1. Supervisor group composed of academic supervisors, industrial supervisors and international supervisors;
  2. Five to six students selected into each group;
  3. A diversity of supervisor’s education and research background: Engineering, Cultural & Creative, Management and etc.;
  4. Well-designed interdisciplinary projects for each group;
  5. Flexible, dynamic and proactive group work mechanism;
  6. Multiple project research outcomes generated from the group work.

Course Offerings

ICCI mainly provides courses of the following 5 categories:

  1. Theoretical Courses: Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Science, Design Mindset, Technology Research & Development, Business Value Analysis
  2. Methodology Courses: Cultural Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship
  3. Engineering Courses: Special Effects, New Media Technology, Cultural Products
  4. Management Courses: Cultural and Creative Enterprises and Industry, Market Management, Cultural Finance
  5. Technical Courses: Copy Writing, Film Directing, Game Production, Program Planning, Computer Application

Key Facts

Program Length: 2.5 years

Program Language: English

Start Date: September of each academic year. Newly admitted students should register on the date specified by the Admission Letter.

Tuition: The annual tuition at SJTU is CNY 108,000; Tuition and fees payable to USC will be due by dates set by and subject to the policy of USC.

Reference Website:

For more information, please contact us at

The First Academic Year: at SJTU

Students are required to complete at least 12 core courses, out of which three courses are delivered by USC faculty.

The Second Academic Year: at USC OR SJTU

USC: Students admitted to USC Marshall Master of Management Studies (MMS) Program need to earn no less than 22 credits at USC.

OR SJTU: Students not applying for USC degree program will continue their study at SJTU.

The Last Term: at SJTU

All students must complete their graduate thesis at SJTU and successfully pass their thesis defense in order to obtain the SJTU Master Degree of Journalism and Communication.