Course Contents

MBA Core Modules:

Business Communication, Geo-strategy & Geo-economics, Business Model Design, Financial & Management Accounting, Multinational Finance, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Change Management, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Strategy, Marketing Management, Leadership Across Cultures, Research Methodology& Market Research, Strategic Innovation

Global Management Major

  • European Business Practice &Market
  • International Alliances
  • Managing International Change

Finance Major

  • Financial Markets &Investments
  • Investment Strategy
  • Portfolio Management

Supply Chain Management Major

  • Supply Chain Simulation
  • Supply Chain Design
  • Value Race

Branding Strategy for Business development Major

  • Brand Strategies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobilizing traditional & digital medias for communication

2 International Business Seminars: 1 in France, the other is Chosen from: France-Bordeaux& Marseille, Germany-Frankfurt, USA-California& Portland& Florida, Australia-Adelaide,Russia,
Strategic Business Project (thesis)


The first four Majors are in Shanghai, and remaining four Majors are in France or international.

Finance Major: In addition to their functional responsibilities, it is increasingly important for managers to familiarize themselves with the capital structuring of their business. This Major helps you to break the bottleneck by emphasizing managerial knowledge on investment and finance.

Global Management Major: Increasing numbers of MNCs are setting up Asia-Pacific headquarters in China. The internationalization of Chinese companies is irreversible. Consequently there is a huge demand for managers with an international vision, operation skills and market exploration capabilities in this expanding multicultural environment. The programme will provide you deep insights and skills in how to manage global businesses.

Branding Strategy for Business Development Major: The Major is for business professionals and creative professionals who want to differentiate themselves and get an edge in the marketplace. It’s for people who want to become more user-centered, empathic centered, leading with a holistic encompassing approach by becoming a problem solver, critical thinker, and have the abilities to challenge ideas and processes. It’s for engineers, salespeople, programmers, design managers, brand manager, designers, account handlers, who want to be able to use design thinking to thrive in the future business arena.

Supply Chain Management Major: The major serves as a central concept to coordinate the end-to-end relationships between supply chain members, from inputs to delivery of product/services to the final clients and how operations supports the entire process.  Then, understanding the impact of demand and supply flows across the supply chain and integrating activities through improved processes and relationships to achieve and maintain a competitive edge are representing strategic corporate stakes.

Wine & Spirits Management Major: The Major trains professionals on the fundamentals of management applied to the wine and spirits industry (sales techniques, marketing tools, global strategies) and enables them to develop a dual product management skill profile thanks to the well-known and recognized wine and spirits academics and guest speakers in Australia, California, China, South Africa, and France.

Entrepreneurship Major: Core MBA-length application of all management tools and techniques providing a wrapping-up and in-depth working of the student’s professional project. Develop an individual professional project to transform ideas into solid intra- and entrepreneurship ventures with a sustainable twist. The programme aims at preparing and coaching the students towards the preparation of their personal professional business project.

Driving Eco-systemic Innovation Major: This major addresses the demand of managers, consultants, engineers and scientists interested in pursuing a career in the management of innovation and new product/service development. In particular individuals working in highly innovative and turbulent environments subject to frequent disruptions will find that the major will provide them with cognitive frames and tools preparing them to become effective managers in such environments.

Digitalization Major:Following the critical and growing importance of business digitalization, we are opening in 2019 a new major to explore: How digital tools, processes, trends, mindset could shape the strategy and governance of businesses. How digital tools, processes and mindset can help businesses to outperform at various operational levels. How digital tools, channels, marketing can help businesses to better understand interact and serve their customers and markets.

Geopolitics vs Geostrategy Major: History is developing under eyes, but are we conscious? Are we able to detect the radical changes taking places nowadays? The world faces a shift of power from atlantic to pacific, with many MNCs more powerful than states. With BRI connecting Asia (PRC) to Africa and Europe, how concretely implement coherent strategic planning in our business?