Chinese Culture

The culture class takes the classroom teaching and the practice as the main form, supplemented by the art lecture. This module enables students to have a glimpse of the Chinese culture.


2. “The Aesthetic Attributes in Ancient Chinese Wash Painting”

3. “The theme of Harmony embodied in Chinese Calligraphy”


Culture Experiencing

By participating various types of cultural and artistic activities, the module helps students to understand thoroughly the Chinese culture.  For instance, “woodblock watermark” activity is renowned as the National intangible cultural heritage.

5. Visit “silk-silk town”

6. Visit “Oriental Musical Instrument Museum”

7.Experience “woodblock watermark” activity

Creative Drama

Creative drama is an improvisational, non-exhibitional, process-oriented form of drama. Participants develop their skills and knownledge from classic Chinese stories, poems, biographies, legends and world theatre with the coach of supervisors.

8. “New Aesthetic interpretation of Shakespeare’s drama”

9. “Creative Drama Workshop”


Course Timestable

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