Ouchul HWANG
讲师 上海交通大学 E-mail: hwangouchul@sjtu.edu.cn


Filmmaker, Writer, Painter, Sculptor, and Poet

Inspired by his father, Hwang took up painting, drawing, writing, and reading great literature in his earliest childhood. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Seoul National University and has graduate credits from New York University and MFA at the School of Art and Design at Pratt Institute, USA. He is a prolific and influential painter, sculptor and poet who have created over 2000 works, many acknowledged as pinnacles. They include abstract paintings, drawings, calligraphy, sculptures, ceramics, illustrated children’s books, poetry and imagery, including ‘Painter’s Dream’, ‘A King of No Kingdom’, and the full-length screenplays ‘Tear, Love, Smile’, ‘I am Beautiful’, ‘November’, ‘Too Late Beach’ and ‘I Mean It’.

His work is noted for its sensory components and often reflects the activities, dreams and turbulence in his own life. During his many travels he was influenced by different kinds of people, developing a brilliance and maturity of style that encompasses the light and gracefulness along with the dark and passionate. Hwang’s works have been presented at exhibitions in various galleries and museums. His works are widely collected by museums, galleries and private collectors. Hwang also created films such as ‘I Mean It’, ‘A Talk’, ‘Nothing is Something’, ‘Water’, ‘The King My Father’, ‘Thief’, ‘Vincent’, and ‘Takao Dancer’. His film project ‘I am Beautiful’ was an official selection at the 2010 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. The World’s Renown film magazine VARIETY Tokyo Film Review says “…the directors’ restless imaginations keep “Takao Dancer” from becoming the over- familiar romantic meller its plot basics would suggest. The tone unpredictably lurches from farce to thriller and beyond. While Hwang’s colorful abstract paintings are perhaps the most conspicuous visual element in a presentation that often verges on cinematic collage,..” His film received ‘Best Foreign Film Award’ at Heritage Film Festivals IDOLS Sofia Bulgaria 2015. As a writer/director, his new film produced in Hangzhou, China 2015, has been world widely appreciated in many international film festivals such as ‘In Competition’ at The 9th Padova River Film Festival Italy, ‘Nominated as best short film world cinema’ at Norway-Tamil Film Festival 2015 Norway, ‘Official Selection’ at A Long Week of Short Films Festival, Shanghai China 2015.

His influence is profound. His interests and research continue to flourish in painting, drawing, sculpture and filmmaking. He taught art and filmmaking in many universities including Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Seoul National University, South Korea. He is currently a director of SNOWMAN PICTURES.